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On-Campus Housing

For more information regarding dormitories and dormitory fees, please refer to the website: Dormitory Service Center.

The Dormitory Service Center can try to arrange rooms for you. However, due to the limited rooms in the dormitory, the Dormitory Service Center has the right to arrange rooms and make adjustments. The dormitory and room number are to be decided by the Dormitory Service Center. Please understand it is not open for new students to choose a dormitory and room number and cannot be provided for spouses and other family members.

After enrollment, if students have further requests or inquiries regarding dormitory, application for next semester, please contact the Dormitory Service Center directly.

Off-Campus Housing

For safety reasons, the University arranges a serial activity about rental housing and cooperates with local police stations in order to assure students of safe Off-Campus housing. 

Students choose to live off-campus. The housing information below is provided for reference only. FJCU has no legal obligations related to off-campus housing.

FJCU Rent House Website

Tsuei Ma Ma Rental & Moving Services